The City is Buying Five Properties near Everts Park

The city is moving to purchase new land this year, a size-able chunk of the block between the Rec Center and Everts Park.

The shuttered bar on the corner (Green Bay and North Ave.), and the two houses next door as well as the former Hair Studio by Steve and adjacent parking lot are all included in the purchase… Although none are publicly listed for sale.

City manager Scott Coren said the city knew the property owners and worked directly with them, negotiating the sales contract over the last few months. Now the city is inspecting the properties, and assuming all goes well, the City will seal the deal.

“We plan to immediately demolish the former Steve’s Hair Care building once any occupants have moved out, which can be used for needed parking in the area while we work on any potential development plans,” Coren said. Afterward, the city plans to demolish the bar on the corner of North and Green Bay, which has been vacant for over a decade.

At the June 4 committee of the whole meeting, aldermen gave the mayor authority to execute contracts for purchase of all five properties.

The combined purchase will cost $1.1 million and is expected to be finalized before August 15, 2019. Stay tuned.

The city has no immediate plans to purchase other properties, but is “always monitoring properties and development opportunities that would fit our Comprehensive Plan and Transit Oriented Development Plan,” Coren said.

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